Our Philosophy

Combine Tradition and Innovation

Created in 2013 by Pascal MADACHON, Afrodizia is inspired by the traditional ice cream maker and develops a unique concept.

2013: creation of the first Afrodizia machine prototype with inox material , working with a belt.

2014: Evolution of the machine in the aims at simplifying the system and make it more operational.

2015: Creation of a mobile-bar prototype having 6 director driving wheels making ice-cream and cocktails. 

2016: creation of a mobile-bar with an electrical circuit  including sound and light.

Pascal MADACHON, thus made a bridge between the know-how of his ancestors and that of our days.
 Much more than a machine or a product, Pascal MADACHON created the AFRODIZ ’concept.

AFRODIZ ', from A to Z is universal. Through the sharing of human values ​​and cultures of the world, he reveals in everyone the majesty of art.


AFRODIZ' is today gold medal winner for its gastronomic innovation and its gustative excellence by the International Tourism Federation.


invite to travel, 

and learn while traveling.... 

Soon in your cities

The autonomous Afrodiz' mobile-bar working with solar power and  Afrodiz' tricycles  ;) 

(more details are coming soon)